Can't Sleep Gone Walkies

A new photo zine exploring the adventures of night-time and all its accidental encounters by Modern Rituals lead singer Harry Fanshawe, a.k.a King Shit.

Harry Fanshawe is the singer and guitarist with Bristol-based Modern Rituals, a punk band full of raw, deep energy. You can listen and buy their music over on their Bandcamp. As a photographer, he is known as King Shit, and he captures that same power in his images.

Can't Sleep Gone Walkies is his photographic debut, journaling a personal exploration of intimacy, intoxication and destitution. This work is an insight into a diary of sorts, where age, beauty and understanding are all strong themes. King Shit began taking pictures in 2018 and has since continued to shine a raw and serendipitous light onto moments unexpected.

The zine's publisher, MISEIN SOLUM, said:

Harry has proven to be one of the UK's most uncompromising and unique songwriters of recent memory through his band, Modern Rituals. I've always had respect for him as an artist and his willingness to forge a hard path to make it his own. For this reason, I pushed him to let me put some of his other work into the world. When I was delivered 'Can't Sleep Gone Walkies', it's raw and impulsive contents conjured up the same feelings I get from artists such as Daidō Moriyama and the inimitable Nan Goldin.

However, there's still something unmistakably 'Harry' in its pages that I feel inherently seeps across all mediums of his work. It's uncomfortable, and somewhat unsolicited but there's something that draws you back to it's pages, looking for answers.

All profits from this book will go towards Help Bristol's Homeless. Find out more about them here.

Only 50 physical copies are being print. Pre-orders are available now from Please allow a few weeks for shipping.